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Rolls of Confidence

There is no way to sugar coat it, I like food; all kinds of food. One the best things in the world is the aroma of something good being prepared in the kitchen. Like the fat kid rapper 50 Cent talked about when he made the analogy, I Love you like a fat kid loves cake!  Now before you nitpickers start your anti-Renee campaign about why I am applauding stereotypes that plague the Plus community, let me be clear: I am HONEST not for your sake but for my OWN. If you read on by the time you get to the end, it will all make sense and if it doesn't uou can sue me.
For thirty of my forty eight years living, I have been fat; not thick, curvy, voluptuous or any of those adjectives we try to tell ourselves to make it alright; for most of my teen to adult life.  In order for me to be able to seriously consider weight loss, I had to accept the word and apply it to myself. This is similar to an addict admitting they have an addiction in rehab. And no, I am not implying that being fat is similar to being a drug addict but it does have some addictive habits for some; me being one of those people. And let's face it, as I stated in my intro, good food is almost heavenly but do I want to book my first class flight to the pearly gates? Not at the moment.
On Febuary 11 2012,  I left my gynecologist office feeling as if the world was on the verge on collapsing around me. I stood on the digital scale and watched the numbers shoot up like it was going to stop at infinity. 315 pounds, what  the nurse uttered as she wrote notes on her chart and lead me into the gynecologist's private office. I sat there waiting for her, as I admired her plaques on the wall from Emory School of Medicine and other universities. This Black woman has it together. I felt like I was in good hands like those All State commercials. As she walked in and greeted me for the first time because this was my first time visiting this office since I changed gynecologist, she reviewed my blood work I took the libertyof bringing her from my primary care doctor. Upon reviewing it and discussing my circumstances, she informed me that I was borderline for diabetes, had high blood pressureand my iron was extermely low. "Ms Davidson your weight is a significant factor in why you have these condition ." The tears began to roll down my face and bounce off my denim. A series of questions started coming out my mouth like I was Anderson Cooper on CNN.  can I fix this? Will I need take medicine? Is this curable? How do I prevent actually getting diabetes? andThe bottom line that day was I had to lose weight. There were no short cuts on this one.  I stood on the digital scale again to confirm that I did weigh 315 pounds, as if seeing it the first time was some kind of joke and Ashton Kutcher was going to jump out and say, You have been Punked! I knew the scale was not lying. The image I saw naked was not one that I actually enjoyed but my attitude said, Fuck it! I am cute and fly by my own merit so who cares? But secretly I felt every bit of  these 315 pounds as my lower back felt like someone was pinching me internally, my knees began to bother me, and my energy level has been deplented.
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Does this mean I am starving myself? Nope. I have three meals a day and snacks. A typical breakfast for me is an egg white veggie omelet with a little swiss, whole wheat toast and green tea with lemon. Lunch may consist of tuna or chicken salad on a whole wheat wrap and dinner may be a bowl of Special K or salad. In between meals I have fruit, nuts, popcorn, etc. You must read labels and choose healthier snacks. So if I want a Kit Kat, I will have a 100 calorie pack of a Nabisco snack rather than the 218 calorie Kit Kat. Water is also essential. I haven't had a soda in a month and after paying attention to the nutritional value (which is none) I probably won't for a very long time.
So what am I saying?
There is nothing wrong with being plus size but there is something wrong with being unhealthy. So my challenge for the next year is to do a better job being a plus-size HEALTHY, absolutely gorgeous, sista! I am channeling my rolls of confidence because I have to love ALL of me unconditionally no matter what size I am FIRST. People have this misconception that if they lose weight, they will date this kind of person and feel better about themselves. I have learned that you don't lose insecurity when you lose weight, you just shift the insecurity to something else other than your weight.
Start loving who you are today: the woman that stands in the mirror without all the makeup and body shapers. Can you honestly say you love who you are in your purest form? If so, you are ahead of the game and no matter what you decide to do regarding your size that kind of love will always be there. Just like it is for me 315 pounds later! I am on a mission: small steps, big results. Stay tuned. . . .

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