Encouraging Self Esteem at A Young Age
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Encouraging Self Esteem at A Young Age

I had just finished taking a picture with my niece for our profile for the Black Doll Affair and,  as I watch her in the mirror preparing herself for the photo, I was reminded of a time when, a family member said to me  “get her out of that mirror. You’re going be conceited.”  
This happened almost thirty four years ago but, its an example of what the lack of self esteem can do to a person. If they are not happy with themselves. We can’t expect them to give compliments without underhanded shade because when they walk past a mirror they don’t like their reflection.
Teaching children to love themselves from a young age does not make them conceited.
It encourages confidence and it encourages them to understand that they are beautiful no matter what.  
When they become adults they will remember that they were taught how to be comfortable in their own skin and not to live up to every one else’s standard of beauty.The self hate is so evident in everyday life and in the media but its your choice on whether you want it to dictate your life and way of thinking. The kids are watching but if they have great parents and positive role models then they won’t even be phased by the excessive plastic surgery having celebrities and everything else that is glorified these days.  Why? because they were told that they were beautiful, special, and wonderful all around from the time that they were  born. The mirror that I mentioned previously wasn’t just a way for me to show my neice her facial expressions, but more of a way for me to encourage her to believe that she is beautiful and to not want to look like anyone but herself. 
I did this often because I know what its like to feel like you aren’t good enough or pretty enough. There are times when we all have those moments, but no matter what there will always be that voice in your head telling you everything that your parents told you when you were younger. And it makes you feel better. Some people never had that and you can almost always tell.  Embrace your reflection and teach your children to embrace theirs. They will be so much better off in life.
What Are Your Thoughts and Send in Your Pictures Of Your Daughter(s) In the Mirror Loving herself

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