Individual vs Strip Lashes
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Individual vs Strip Lashes

Which false lashes are better?- False Eyelashes 101
False lashes are great to brighten your eye and make your eye appear bigger. Lashes are great for both a natural look and more dramatic look. Many women avoid wearing false lashes because they feel they are hard to put on however, today they are becoming very popular. Many women are getting lash extensions by professionals. But today I will cover the differences between individual lashes and a strip. 
So What Are Individual Lashes
Individual lashes come in different ways. They come with 4 to 5 lashes in a cluster . Also  they come as singles; one single lash. Both come is different lengths including short, medium and large. Which size you decide to use will depend on the length of your natural lashes. You can use two different lengths as well. If you notice most of us have lashes that are longer at the outer corner of the eye, so you can apply longer ones there. JUST MAKE SURE THEY BLEND with your lashes and in length!!

So individual lashes are great for adding volume and to achieve a natural look. Also individuals are great to fill any gaps you have in your natural lashes, this will add fullness. With individuals you have control of how dramatic or natural you want to go. These look more natural because there is no track keeping them together. However, they will take longer to apply.
Strip eyelashes?
Strip lashes come in many different lengths, colors, textures and styles. Therefore you have a variety of    styles to choose from. Strip lashes are much quicker to apply. Strip lashes do come in natural and dramatic looks. 
For a natural look try lashes like below:
These might look a little crazy but if you notice our natural lashes don't grown in one direction. Therefore lashes like these will blend in and will give you a natural set of lashes. Your lashes are also different lengths.  
Below are some more dramatic lashes: 
Both of the lashes will be great for a more dramatic look yet not a obvious "look at me I have false eyelashes" kind of way. Whether you want a natural or dramatic look you should always look for lashes that will blend in with your own lashes. You should try lashes that come with different lengths because this will look more real
STAY AWAY FROM THESE!!! I have not seen anyone that could pull off lashes like theses, so please just avoid them. They look really fake and do not blend in at all. No one has lashes that are all  the same length, growing in the same direction and that are that curled. I have seen so many women wear eyelashes like these and they just don't work especially if you have no other makeup on. 
Examples of different eyelash looks you can achieve
                                                                 Before and after
What glue should I use?
The best glues in the market are the DUO(about $5) and the shu uemura ($10). I reccomend DUO it's the most used in the makeup industry. Honestly, this is the only one I have see being used by makeup artist. You do not have to worry about your eyelashes falling off. DUO makes two glues the one below is white and dries black. They also have one that dries clear and comes in a red lettering box. 
Describing how to apply the eyelashes is very hard and will just confuse you, therefore I will do a tutorial soon. However, I will provide you with some tips that will make it much easier.
  • If you notice strip eyelashes start shorter and end longer. Therefore there is one strip for your left eye and one for you right eye, just like your shoes. The end with the shorter lashes goes at the inner part of your eye. The longer lashes go on the outer corner of your eye, This may seem obvious to some of you but this is a very common mistake.
  • Before applying any glue to the strip eyelashes measure them against your own eye following your own eyelashes. Some people have eyes that are shorter than the eyelash strip. If the strip is too long for your eye cut them where you see your  own eyelashes end. Cut them on the end with the longer lashes. 
  • Also I recommend that a minute or two before you apply your lashes curl both ends together or curl then around a pen or pencil. This will make it easier to apply because our eyes go in a curl. (the photo below is an example of what I mean).
  • After applying the glue on the eyelashes let the glue dry for 3 to 5 seconds before applying it on your lashes.

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False lashes are great to brighten your eye and make your eye appear bigger.
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