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Karma Baby

“What goes around, comes around, What goes up must come down.
Remember the people who put you down when you were trying to follow your dreams? They told you that you were being “unrealistic” that you couldn’t do it, so they down played any type of progress you made?
Remember the ones who were right there  by your side when you were down and out and your life was in shambles?
But your misery was their company.
So of course they were there to console you when you were crying to them about your triflin, no good boyfriend and complaining about how everything was wrong in your life. Or what about the ones who thrived off the fact that you needed them because you had no money so they served as your support system,  but as soon as you started coming up in the world they became green
                                                      with envy?
Remember the people who smiled in your face, acted like they were your friend but the whole time theywere gossiping about you to the next person and praying for your downfall?  
What about that so called boyfriend who told you that he would never hurt you,Got you to fall deep in love only for him to play with your heart and hurt you anyway?  
Take a look at where you are in life at the moment. Either you have fulfilled your dreams and achieved your goals  or you are on the right path and embarking on that journey. Now take a look at all the people who did you wrong.
The people who talked badly about you, the people who told you that you would never achieve your goals. Where are they now?  Most likely stuck in the same place and situation they were in last year and three years before that.
Probably blaming everyone in the world for their hardships not realizing that what they put out they will eventually get back sometimes ten fold.  
Everyone gets their karma one way or another but its up to us to decide whether we want that to be good or bad karma. The people who prayed for your downfall will now cringe with jealousy because their evil prayers weren’t answered.
That “friend” who turned their back on you will now know what it feels like to be ignored.
That boyfriend who hurt you and made you cry countless tears will realize what he lost and he’ll know what it means to “let it burn” because he had his chance and he blew it.
You on the other hand can sit back and enjoy the things that life has to offer because the haters can’t stand to see anyone happy which is why they have no happiness themselves. There is a reason why you are at the point you are at in life and they are
                                                      in the situations they’re  in. Its called
                                                      Karma baby, and it goes around!

4 Comments to Karma Baby:

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Diane on Thursday, October 18, 2012 2:29 PM
I'm feeling this one. I have had haters inmy life and Karma is a BITCH!!!
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Justine McCall on Thursday, October 18, 2012 2:30 PM
This post is GREAT. Make your haters your MOTIVATERS is my MOTTO
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Carol Stein on Thursday, October 18, 2012 2:30 PM
This is so true. Cream rises to the top
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click here on Monday, November 25, 2013 10:44 AM
Yes, attitude towards life plays a significant part in the state of happiness. A person is lucky is he or she is able to say that there was a pure happy moment in their life - and more so if they can remember it by heart.
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