Quick Ways to Change Your Look
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Quick Ways to Change Your Look

It would be lovely to be able to afford a complete new outfit for each occasion, but most of us are not in the position to be able to buy a whole new wardrobe for every season. No-one wantsto wear the same outfit to every event or party though, so there are a fewclever tricks which will help you achieve a different
                                                            look with the minimum of fuss.
PlanYour Shopping
When going shopping, first thinkabout the other items of clothing which you already have in your wardrobe. Seewhich items go with other items and can be used to form the base of an outfit.For example, a red blouse and pair of shoes could be worn with a simple pair ofblack trousers, as could a more casual tshirt and pair of canvas shoes forsummer. Going to the shops with a plan of what to buy will avoid the desire tomake impulse purchases of items which just end up gathering dust at the back ofthe wardrobe.
Capsule Wardrobes
A technique used by most of the major fashion stylists is to develop a capsule wardrobe. Essentially this is aset of clothes where every item goes with every other item. A good capsulewardrobe will contain work clothes, casual clothes as well as more formalclothes and if it is formed around one basic colour scheme such as black and beige, it can be easily added to when there is extra money to
Scarves, jewellery, hats and shoes can be used instantly to change the entire look of an outfit. For special occasions, invest in a plain, unpatterned dress which can be accessorized in avariety of different ways. Brightly coloured scarves can be used as belts aswell as being tied around the neck and can be appropriate for both business andcasual situations. Whereas in the past a watch was a purely functional item, itis now a high fashion piece and brands such as the Rocks Flip watches come in arange of bright colours which will go with every outfit and the straps can bechanged when you change your look. The combinations possible with the RocksFlip watches are limitless allowing you to wear a different combination on yourwrist each day.
The best way to get a truly unique look is to modify or customize a piece of existing clothing. Skilled seamstresses can help with changing a men’s shirt into a child’s dress, or usethe fabric from a suit jacket to make a new skirt. If sewing seems too difficult, good haberdashery stores sell a huge variety of ribbons, patches andsequins which can be glued into place on fabric, leather or other materials. Browsing through internet sites is a great way of getting inspiration, as is looking at what top end designers are creating and trying to recreate that lookat home for a fraction of the cost.

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