A Man Should be Extra not All
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A Man Should be Extra not All

I can’t live without him.”  We have all heard this phrase before or perhaps said this same thing regarding a boyfriend or husband. 
Some women even shut their entire lives down just to cater to a man. They no longer know their friends and family, and  they don’t have fun doing their own activities anymore because now their life revolves around making this man happy even though his life hasn’t changed a bit.
He still goes out with his friends and lives his life outside of the relationship. That is how its supposed to be.  Some people simply just cannot balance being in a relationship and having a life of their own,
and that is something that I just never understood. As a person who needs her alone time and loves hanging out with her friends, I have always been
able to balance the two. 
I have seen females completely cut off their loved ones for a man and then once it doesn’t work out with him, they are  looking for their friends and family again.
This is why I say that a man should be an extra asset to your life. He should not be all you have.  You have to love yourself unconditionally before you can truly understand this.  I realize that some women attach themselves to every man that comes into their lives because they are afraid of being alone. So they do everything in their power to make the man stay with them.
 When he doesn’t, they feel like they can’t live without him.
Being in a relationship is great when its real and for the right
It also shouldn’t make you want to change yourself or your life to be loved. No one said that you can’t have your relationship and your friends and family. Both have an impact on your life in different ways.  Don’t make a man all that you have because if things don’t work out, you will end up with nothing.
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