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Misery Loves Company;

You can Decline the Invitation
There are so many life lessons that were taught to me when I was younger but sometimes we don’t pay attention until we actually go through something and we remember what those life lessons were. The main lesson that has always stuck with me is to watch out for fake friends
and family.
There are so many instances where a person will show you who they really areand exactly where their loyalties lie. Yep, I’ve seen subliminal messages thrown my way in the past from a so called  friend and since I am not the type to address every little thing, I let them rock.  At the same time I’m making a mental note in my head to erase all contact with that person .
The next time they see me and smile in my face like they weren’t just insulting my character a few months prior, they will just get a “hello” and I will keep it moving because  I have no time.  Then you have the “friends” who can’t even be supportive or even say a simple congratulations when something good happens in your life. They go into hiding or act funny until your good news dies down.
Yes, people really do this and its a shame. I have to say that this year has been a true eye opener for me regarding fake friends and family. A friend and a couple of family members really shocked  me with their shady antics. Its always the ones that you never expect to cross you.
Yeah, I was dwelling on it for awhile because I couldn’t understand how people could be so evil and treat others so horribly and act like nothing ever happened.  But that’s just it. Life goes on either way.  People can do you wrong and insult you all day but in the end you will be the one to come out on top. Obviously they are miserable beings and misery loves company. If you are in a peaceful place in your life, you wouldn’t be much fun to them. So when misery’s invitation comes to your door, its okay to decline
Tell Us Your Misery Loves Company Story and How You Dealt With it?

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A friend and a couple of family members really shocked me with their shady antics. Its always the ones that you never expect to cross you.
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