Keep it Moving;Let it Go
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Keep it Moving;Let it Go

One key thing I relearned recently is not expect people to do what you want or what is right. You wasting your time looking for people to be the way you expect or want. They are not your children and you can’t talk or treat them any kind of way.
As you know working with adults is completely different from children. Being an older sister, I always try to help and keep everyone in line and doing what needs to be done, but when working with adults it is different you can tell them numerous times a way to do something and they refuse to do it there is nothing you can really do to them but let it go and move on.
Sometimes if they are revengeful, they can do something slick behind your back and do some dirt, throw something hurtful in your face or offend you another way. Don’t let it phase you, it’s life and it’s not always going to be peaches and cream.

The good ole’ saying if you want something done right you got to do it yourself.
As you may be angered you must remember to be mature and do what you have to to make whatever situation right. I know hurts alot because the person may take it personal or as an attack and not realize there is a reason why your acting that way. You can go hid in the closet and roll in ball, go around complaining or cry about their behavior but that’s not going to solve anything. You have to put your game face on and be a woman and turn around and handle the situation the way it’s suppose to be handle.
That person can talk, behave crazy and do outlandish things in retaliation but you got to remain focused, get your emotions and head in order so you can work towards achieving your goals and watch, they might come back wanting to work things out and turn around. Instead of dishing the negativity back, forgive but don’t forget so you won’t get hurt again if a similar situation occurs. I know God said to turn the other cheek but he didn’t say what’s next after that, and you only have two of them so don’t be a fool and allow them to even think it’s ok.If you know your wrong somewhere in the situation be woman enoughand apologize.
Don’t go around blocking your blessings by being bitter, let it go! Also don’t worry what people may say, real recognize real and they are truly a person of God and goodness the right people will see through it all and that’s all you really need, even if it’s just you and the Lord.It says in the bible go to the person and try to work things out if it doesn’t work then go before your congregation and if they’re heart is still harden and not willing to change them it’s on them not you and you can move on in peace in trying to resolve the issue(s).Overall ladies, keep your head up, fix your mistakes, don’t give up and move on!
Don’t linger on people or situations you can’t change them. Not everything you will do is right and not everybody will like you, but you must keep it moving and be able to sit back analyze the situation at hand and strive it do what you know is right from there on. Tomorrow is another day to make things right.
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tag heuer on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:36 AM
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