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Charge It To The Game

There are people in life that are only out to gain and not give.
They walk around in sheep’s clothing pretending to be innocent or not involved in scandal, but really vying for blood.
You have to be careful of such people. They come to you as associates, friends and even family but don’t think for two seconds they are always faithful to you. Sometimes it’s even the person you trust the most.

They take your kindness for weakness. They are people who are jealous, spiteful and may not even realize it themselves.
They may have everything and it still isn’t enough because they’re goal is to see you fail. There is a God given gift called intuition. It’s a feeling that something just isn’t right. The thoughts run across your mind and we sometimes dismiss it.
Do look further and investigate for concrete evidence to make sure what you believe is true. If you don’t then you will be stuck on what if.When I found out what this person was doing immediately retaliation came to mind but God is watching and he will be the one to avenge. Trust God. He might not do it when you want to but he sure will.
Take it with a grain of salt.
I know it hurts, but be careful with anger, don’t let it manifest. It is a sick poison that when it possess you; you might end up doing something you regret.
Calm down and think it through, bounce back and just charge it to the game. Learn from your mistakes to ensure it won’t happen again.
Tell Us You Game Change Story!

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