Second Chances
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Second Chances

Forgiveness and second chances kind of go hand in hand but not quite. Its good to forgive those who have done you wrong so that you don’t walk around holding grudges. It doesn’t mean that you have to deal with that person ever again.
Many people think that just because you forgive them it means that they automatically get a second chance. No. Chances have to be earned.   Just like trust.  That is why there is always that ex lingering around because he is used to second, third, and fourth chances.  He always tries to make his way back into your life when its convenient for him. Yep, he just knows he will be welcomed back into your life with open arms.
He knows you will give him another chance but imagine how things would be if you flipped the script and actually made him go the extra mile to earn that chance and gain your trust. If he is really worth the trouble and he really wants to change and make things right, he will do just that. Otherwise
                                                                     feel free to move on to the next. You can
                                                                    show a person how to treat you but if they
                                                                     refuse to follow the guidelines its their loss.  
With that said, if they opt not to act right  peace out to them!  There are so many places to see and people to meet to be stuck on just one person.   You don’t want to look up one day years later and you are still in the same predicament. Breaking up to make up and giving chance after chance with nothing to show for it.
Sometimes in order to win the game you have to bench or cut a couple of players from the team if they aren’t bringing any results. Life and relationships are no different. You have to pick and choose the people who are considered assets and liabilities. Make them work for your good graces and don’t give in 
                                                                      so easily. 
 When your feelings are involved you call the shots. Give those second chances wisely.

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China Lingerie on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:27 AM
Your concept is excellent,Its very well writte!!
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