Identifying Your Eye Shapes and Types
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Identifying Your Eye Shapes and Types

They say eyes are the window of the soul. They are one of the first features you notice in a person’s face that’s why everyone wants to have beautiful eyes. This is easily attainable once you know how to work around with whatever type of eyes you have. Keep in mind that with make up, creating illusion is possible.
Probably the easiest way to recreate a model’s look is by starting with the eyes. Most stars have their signature look they are known for. Once you’ve learned how to manipulate eye shapes, you can start by planning how to copy whatever look you want and make it your own by adding a little of your personality. This first of three parts series.  Let's start with......
Eye Shapes and Types
There are some tricks in applying make up to your eyes that can adjust or “correct” the way they appear. You will be using the light and dark theory technique whereas the dark will recede areas, and light will bringforth or highlight. The tips are as follows:
Almond – ideal shape of the eyes but can still use some contouring. You won’t have to alter this shape because it’s already oval. You can go ahead and select shades that will complement your eye color.
Round – you can extend the liner on the outer corner to create an illusion of longer eyes. Be sure to connect the lower and upper lines. Do not forget to shade the empty spot with the same liner.
Small – line the water line and lower lash line with a light colored eyeliner such as peach or white. Then apply a dark colored eyeliner on the outer part of the lower lash line, underneath the lash line . Do not forget to add a thin dark color to your upper lash line. Do not use light colored eyeshadow if you do not intend to line your upper lashes.
Big or protruding – the main objective is to reduce the appearance of the size. Use dark colored eyeshadows all over the lid. Line the lower lashes all the way to the inner corner with the same dark shade. Those with these type of eyes should stick to dark colors.
Droopy or puppy eyes– this type of eyes can make you look sad because of the downward slope. The goal is to instantly lift the outer corners of the eyes and make your eyes look even. Shade your outer crease a little higher with a medium to dark color and wing your eyeliner slightly upward toward the outer corner of the eye.
Wide-set – only a size of an eye should be the space between your left and right eyes. If you have a bigger gap, then you have a wide-set eyes. Shade the inner parts of your eyes using a dark shade preferrable chcolate brown or black. Use a lighter shade on the outer part.
Close-set – to create an illusion of space, use a light shade of eyeshadow in the inner part of your eyes.
Deep-set – you want to bring out your eyes not further recede them. Use light shades of eyeshadow to bring them out.
Creaseless – fake one by adding color just
above your crease using a fluffy brush. Make sure the color is not harsh so it would appear to be natural.
Areas of the Eyes
Lids – the fold of your skin where your eye socket is located.
Crease – is the hollow space between your browbone and eye.
Brow Bone – is the area under your eyebrows, or area just above the crease. This is where you apply your highlighter to bring brightness to the eyes.
Wet line – the inside wet line of your lower lash line.
Tight line – the inner wet line on the upper lash line.
Lash line – the area where your eyelashes grow.

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