Creating Sheer Makeup Looks
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Creating Sheer Makeup Looks

"A Step-By-Step Guide"
Sheer makeup looks are perfect for any occasion and with the new makeup products available you can create perfect natural looking makeup with ease. The trick is to use the best skin care routine possible, select the right products and apply them in layers. This step-by-step makeup tutorial explains it all.
Sheer Makeup Essentials
Before you begin applying sheer makeup you need to practice good skin care.
The easiest way to do this is with a good simple skin care routine.
Use your favorite cleanser and gentle toner and if you need it apply moisturizer.
If you have any skin issue like acne then make sure you treat the area before applying makeup.
Once your skin has been prepared it’s time for your products.
"Sheer makeup colors enhance beautiful skin."
Applying Makeup Primers
If you’ve never used a makeup primer then you’re in for a pleasant surprise – Instant beautiful skin! Primer makeup is essential for taking your makeup to the next level. These products “fill in” large pores and fine lines. When you apply your makeup over them it glides over the skin imperfections. In other words, your skin looks smoother. This makes applying sheer makeup even easier because the makeup will then glide over the makeup primer.
Sheer Foundation Tips
You have two choices in sheer makeup foundations. You can go with a mineral makeup or a sheer liquid foundation. There are advantages to both types of products. Mineral makeup is so natural looking that when you buff it it seems to blend into your skin. Buffing the makeup warms it and blends it better. Sheer foundations are like putting a moisturizer with a foundation on your skin. Learn HowTo Make Mineral Makeup Creamy.
Sheer Blush Colors
Remember that whenever you put on foundation you are visually blocking out a little of your skin color. This is intentional because you want to create a more even skin surface, but there is a downside. You must bring color back to your skin. The best way to do that is with a sheer blush. You have several choices:
    Blush Stain or Cheek Stain
    Creamy Mineral Blush
    Blush Stick Makeup
    Mineral Blush Powder
    In general the stains and creams work best for blending. If you have used a liquid foundation then choose a blush stain or the cream products.
    Powder blush should only be applied over powder mineral makeup, but powder blush presents a problem. 
    Powder products sit “on top” of the skin. It can be very hard to obtain a naturally sheer look with them.
    The best solution is to take your favorite mineral blush and turn it into your best cream blush. It's easy to do and will give you an instant cream blush for a perfect makeup look.
    If you want to makeup your blush last then apply it over a blush stain. You can even make your own mineral blush stain in just seconds using mineral makeup pigments.
    Simply Beautiful Eye Makeup
    Keep your eye makeup in the natural color range or use mauve makeup applied lightly. Eye makeup colors that are described as “color washes” work well for this type of makeup look. They're colors that have been blended down to give a light wash of color. Look for the best ones in the spring makeup lines.
    Eyelashes need to be keep soft to complement the entire look. If you do decide to wear false eyelashes then choose dark brown and only wear them on the outer corners of your eyes. Apply brown eyeliner in a thin line very close to your lashes. If you want a soft deeper color then use a smudge brush to blend it out a little. Remember to fluff your eyelashes.
    Sheer makeup looks are easy to create and work especially well for makeup on-the-go. The real key to this look is to practice good skin care on a daily basis. Always keep your makeup primer handy. Use one of the special sheer makeup products. If you do, you’ll have a naturally beautiful look.
    Give us your Sheer Makeup Tips.
    Send us some pictures or your Sheer Makeup Applications

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