Labels Don’t Validate You
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Labels Don’t Validate You

We all know that one female or perhaps a few females who feel like they are validated when they wear designer labels. They purchase extravagant things to feel important when its clear that they cannot afford those things.
They know it, but by any means necessary those new are a must have in her closet. Some can spell every designer name but have so much trouble knowing the difference between to, two, and too. Even quick to clown other people for what they don’t have and can’t afford as if they are better.
Maybe this female made you feel some type of way by how she was acting. Don’t take it personally because sometimes when people use material things to make themselves feel good there are some underlying insecurities involved. She acts like she is better than you so that she can mask how she really feels about herself. She brags because it makes her feel good. She spent her pay check on those designer shoes and probably won’t have enough money to pay her bills. Oh, but don’t worry, she has those new shoes though.Furthermore, people who have to brag about what they have either 1. don’t have it like that, or 2. They have it, but they aren’t used to having much so they have to let the world know what they can buy.When you shamelessly brag to bring attention to what you have it shows that you are insecure.
If you have a nice outfit on, let the outfit speak for itself. You don’t have to give hints that you want a compliment just so someone can ask you what labels you are wearing.  Material things are just that, things! Nothing is wrong with wanting nice things but it can’t become more important than having your priorities in order. You shouldn’t let Gucci, Louis, Fendi, and Prada shape the person you are. If you happen to be stripped of everything material that you own, can you honestly say that you have a pleasant personality and are secure in your own skin with or without the props?If not, I sincerely hope that you take the time out to look inside yourself and realize that you are not defined by those name brands.
Learn to be comfortable with yourself whether you have those expensive clothes or not.
Define yourself don’t let the bags and shoes do it for you.

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