How God Really Blessed The 2014 DIamond Diva Fashion Show
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How God Really Blessed The 2014 DIamond Diva Fashion Show

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Flashbulbs went off as each Plus Size Model hit the runway called  "The Diamond Diva Stage! " These 15 Curvy Models wearing all Consignment Fashions at the 1st  Annual Diamond Diva Fashion Show benefiting The Douglas County Women’s and Children Shelter. 

My mind was racing and heart pounding because this was the first time a fashion show of these caliber had been done and it was also my very first production.

I have never been so nervous and excited all at the same time (except when my children were born).  
Imagine watching some of the best Atlanta has to offer by way of “Full Figured, Plus Size, Curvy” women from all walks of life, backgrounds, economic status and ethnicity. These philanthropic women; some of which are aspiring models, some doing it for the sheer fun of it and, others doing because I asked. 


Whatever the reason the show was AMAZING! The show did not sell out and, we did not reach our primary goal to write a check for The Douglas County Women’s and Children Shelter but what the show did do was help some of the models live a lifelong dream, vendors found patrons and future clients, volunteers found fulfillment, speakers found an audience and I found God! I found that I can do ALL THINGS through Christ that strengthens ME!! It was a long journey to this self-discovery and the knowledge that God was in deed in COMPLETE CONTROL!!!
 REWIND: The BEGINNING: I went to a fashion show in Columbus GA as a vendor, I made no money not even my vendor fee was not recouped but it was an amazing event. Later in the same month I got a vision of my own show; the vision was at a small venue with 20 or so models, performers, photographers, vendors, a DJ, a Beautiful hostess and two designers on board.  By the end of that day, I had the day, date and time December 6, 2014 4pm, venue, hostess, DJ, photographer, a model coordinator and a complete plan.  The 1 step was to reach out to another consignment shop that may want to participate.  I reached to another online consignment shop that caters to Plus Size Women (I will not name the shop) we decide to partner on this event.  So now I have a partner, venue, hostess, DJ, photographer and EXCITEMENT!!

1st Hurdle: The Venue called to say someone came in with their deposit and took our date off the calendar so we had to choose another date or another venue.  It was suggested that the 7 was open and Sunday’s are cheaper and a better day for a fashion show.  So we change the date to Sunday December 7, 2014 4pm

2nd Hurdle: The partner and her affiliates wanted to meet.  They wanted to change the concept of my vision.  Like a child in the WORD OF GOD! I allowed myself to change what God had given me. So we decided not to do any designers, boutiques or shops other than the two of us.  The reasoning was good but I felt some type of way.  I called the two designers to tell them we decided to go in a different direction ( needless to say I lost these connection) but I pressed forward.
3rd Hurdle: We decided make flyers for the model call with  a printing company.  The picture I chosen for the flyer was one I found on google. I got a instant message of Facebook from one of the models in the picture who said to me I didn’t give you permission to use my face.  Even though I was at the event this picture was taken and it was in the cloud; I decided to change it which cost extras to do and my then partner didn’t want to pay for it.  I ate it.

4th Hurdle: After the model call and the first meet and greet, we couldn’t decide where to rehearse so I called the venue and they offered up what I thought was a reasonable price to pay to use the venue for 2 to 3 hours, 1 day a week for 4 weeks.  My then partner didn't want to pay this fee and offered no other suggestions on where to rehearse.  I ate the fees for rehearsals.  By the grace of God I sent me two friends one of which became the model coordinator and coach who paid for two of the rehearsal and a very close friend that I meet through groups we are both apart of; she paid for one of the rehearsal which left me only having to pay for three rehearsals.
5th Hurdle: During our 4 rehearsal we decided to do fittings for the show.  I let my then partner bring items to fit the models.  When she brought items some of the models was not pleased with what they saw and didn’t like a lot of the items.  I have been in this industry for years and I know from experience if you are a model you wear what is provided but in this case these where consignment pieces which already has a negative wrap, so we lost five of our twenty models that day.  I had to tell the remaining 15 to hold tight to you see what I have.
6th Hurdle: It was now time to pay deposits for the photographer, host and entertainment.  My then partner had noted that no tickets had been sold and what were these people doing to help bring in ticket sales??? She what to change the format again by letting the DJ host the show, have no entertainment and have someone use their cell phone(smart phone) to take pictures. I Vito this time.  The DJ had his own job and The Hostess makes the show, we told the women that signed up to be in the show that they would have professional photos.  We paid the deposits but it came with a contract that my then partner wrote up stating she would only put in out of pocket $500 so with her payment  of all the deposits it left her a balance of $225 and  not a penny more.  I revise the contract and said I will match her out pocket expenses and I will not pay a penny more into the show as well.

7th Hurdle: I reached out to two of my acquaintances and asked if they could do make up for the show, which we had said to the models that would have.  Both of them came with outrageous fees to do makeup.  This is a charitable event but it seems everyone wants to benefit themselves.  I was dumbfounded to say the least.  I went to the schools to get some students and volunteers

8th Hurdle: By the last rehearsal everyone was excited.  But, everyone had not been fitted for the show by my then partner.  She had not made any attempts to do so. So some of the models were a little anxious.  Well we found out that most of the items she had for the show, she had taken pictures of the models and put them on her website then sold them so now she is scrambling around trying to get some items for the show.

9th Hurdle: The DJ I hired can’t be reached, so now I have to find a new DJ.  It’s 5 days before show, where can I find a DJ willing to work for $200 for 6 hours and wait to get paid the day of the show?????
10th Hurdle: We had only 25 tickets sold but we had 12 vendors.  The balances are now all due and we were $500 short outside of both of our out pocket contributions.  I had to pay out of my pocket $500 but I know everyone saw that coming back at hurdle 6.

Just When you have jumped every hurdle and you thought it would be smooth sailing from here..............
Night before the show.  I and my then partner decided to rent a truck to bring all out items to the show.  I left it up to my then partner to make the arrangements. I went home with this annoying headache and a pitt in my stomach.  My daughter said to me, let’s go get our own vehicle???? I said I don’t want to spend any more money out of pocket. 
Day of the show; I got a call from my then partner at 9am December 7, 2014; she said I decided to get a trailer and it looks like it will only carry my items but I can drop off my items at the venue and come back for you and your items.  The venue is in Decatur, we both live about 45mins away, we were supposed to be at the venue by 11am to setup and do a run through of the show. My daughter said I knew this was going to happen, my sister says don’t worry, God got this! My model coordinator offered to pick me up, my good friend said she could come and pick up some of my items.  I went to my prayer closet and closed the door. 

I came out and said find me a truck; mind you it’s Sunday???? My daughter found a place that was open nearby, sister told her let’s go, they both said to me, you stay here a keep getting ready.  It’s now 11:00am
I told my then partner, never mind you go on, I told my model coordinator you go ahead and get everyone ready, I told my friend to go on ahead to help at the venue.  My daughter and sister came with the truck around 12pm. 

We started to pack the truck when we realized the truck had no ramp and we would have lift everything. While we rolled the racks out they fell over and all of my cleaned, iron, bagged and tagged clothing fell on the ground. We laid plastic all around the truck and laid all the clothing on the floor of the truck.  We load the truck and headed for the venue it’s now 1pm

On the drive to the venue, I kept thinking of all the things I was going to have to do when I got there.  My sister was following us in the truck.  By the time we got to the venue it was 2pm and doors opens at 3pm and the show starts at 4pm.

We walked in: The models were getting ready, the floor had been set, the volunteers had setup the vendor tables, and vendors were helping each other.  I stood in the middle of the floor and cried. The models all went to my truck and started bring items in and organizing, looking for their perspective items but it was all a mess.  My model coordinator said to me, you go and do whatever you need to do cause “WE GOT THIS”. So I left to help to finish setup.

I went out to see my then partner was setting up her OWN BOOTH! It was well organized and together, whereas my stuff was all wrinkled and some dirty. So I didn’t setup my clothing booth just my jewelry. I said nothing to her the entire night.

4:03pm Opening number……..The videographer/photographer and performer were not here. I called; they said they were on their way.  The DJ was the venue house DJ and he said he didn’t have all my music, I said just play whatever. The videographer/photographer and performer arrived half way in the show.  So basically they missed the 1 half of the show. One of the models had to do all the girls makeup so she is now exhausted but she pressed on.
By, the time I was able to breath, I realize I was still in my t-shirt and leggings………
I said all of this just to say LOOK AT WHAT GOD CAN DO!!!!!!

We sold $300 in jewelry and we had standing room only.  Although I didn’t pay my last invoice until May 2015.  My take away from this experience was that God is all the partnering I need. I learned to surround myself with good people, take nothing for granted and ALWAYS, ALWAYS stay FOCUS!!!!!

Post your thoughts! and visit our website to see more pictures of the show and the 2015 show as well You can also watch our youtube video below.
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
The 1st Annual Diamond Diva Fashion Show Dec 7, 2014

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