Your Curves are Your Curves!
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Your Curves are Your Curves!

I feel like there is so much negativity when it comes to plus size women taking a stand and saying I love my body. It's as if the world likes us better when we are sitting at home crying our eyes out because some outdated BMI says that we are overweight or obese. The world would rather have us be ashamed of our fat instead of embracing it. I'm here to tell you today if you are a plus size woman who hasn't accepted your body or only takes pictures from the neck up, then it's time to stop and get real with yourself. It's time to start loving your plus size body. Believe it or not, there are plus size women who want to carry the torch of being plus sized and proud.
1. Talk To Your Body
Your body is not a fat suit. It honestly angers me when I hear people say this. Stop beating yourself up. Stand naked (Yes, naked!) in front of a full length mirror and stare your body down. Talk to your body and say "I accept you because you carry me through each day. I promise to never put you down and to treat you with care and respect and despite what anyone says about you, you're my body and I love you, flaws and all." Feel free to develop a more personal mantra that will aid you in accepting your curves
2. Buy And Wear  Clothes That Fit The Body You Have NOW
I can not say this enough. You have to own the body you have now and not the one you used to have or want to have. Go through your closets and get rid of all the things that no longer fit you. If it's too small, toss it. If it''s too big, toss it.

When you take the right steps to obtaining a positive body image you have to buy clothes that fit you and make you feel as if you're the hottest woman in the entire world.  No matter your size, as women we don't feel good in clothes that are too tight or clothes that are too big.
After cleansing your closet, take the time to find out your measurements and your shape. Utilize the Internet and go on fashion sites to find the best styles that work for your body type. Not your size, your body type. Those are two different things. Women can be the same weight  and have two completely different shapes. Once you find out what yours is go out and buy yourself some new clothes to go with your newly found love for your curves. There are loads of plus size designers, boutiques, and retail brands that have stylish clothes for your curves.

*Sites like Eloquii and Shop your shape allow you to plug in your measurements to help determine your body shape.
3. Cut Out Pictures Of  Positive Body Images
Cutting out pictures of positive images of other plus size women or celebrities will help you to become more confident with your body. We live in a time where plus size women are not ashamed of their body. Keep the pictures in a scrap book or use them as screen savers. Just make sure that they are visible for you to see everyday. They will become confidence builders.

We all need them sometimes. Online magazines like Plus Model Magazine and Daily Venus Diva offer a myriad of photos of plus size models and plus size celebrities who aren't afraid to say they're plus and proud.

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People
If you have friends and family members who constantly use your weight as the topic of conversation then it's time to send them to the backseat. No one and I mean no one needs negative people in their lives. If you have a man that constantly puts you down because of your weight or you find yourself trying to lose weight to make him happy then it's time to let him know it's a new day and you're are no longer going to accept the negative comments from him. Young girls that goes for your friends too. If your friend can't appreciate you for who you are and what you look like, then it's time to trade then in for a new set of friends. 
5. Don't Wait to Lose Weight To Live The Life You Want

Last but not least, don't wait to lose weight to live the life you want. I can't stress enough how important it is to still maintain a high quality of life for yourself if you've gained some unwanted pounds. I remember on the a season of the Oprah show she kicked the season off by talking about her weight gain and how she felt like a failure for gaining her weight back. She went on to say how she stopped taking full body shots for her magazine covers because she couldn't fit some of the clothes for the shoot and she just wanted to hide. I myself years ago experienced the, I want to hide from the world feeling after putting on a significant amount of weight. Since then, I've learned that you must press on and live your best life no matter what. If you want to go to the beach in a swimsuit, then do it. Don't wait to lose weight to do it. If you want to rock a body con dress, throw on your Spanx (or not) and just do it.  It's important to live your life because its the only one you have. You don't want to look back and say I missed out in something or didn't do something because you allowed your weight to hold you back. Keep it real with yourself. Take the necessary steps to do what you need to to lose the unwanted pounds if you choose to. Don't allow your weight to dim your bright light. Live today like it's your last. Love your plus size body.

It takes time to develop self confidence and appreciation for your curves. I strongly believe that these tips can help you get to a place of love with your body.  Your curves are Your Curves!


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I'm here to tell you today if you are a plus size woman who hasn't accepted your body or only takes pictures from the neck up, then it's time to stop and get real with yourself.
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Stand naked in front of a full length mirror and stare your body down.
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